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4 Benefits of Music For Mind and Body Health

A study shows, listening to songs can have an effect on some parts of the brain, which are responsible for memory and vision.

For example, a recent Canadian study shows that there is a causal relationship between music and the core part of the brain that reacts to stimuli (food, light)

What are the health benefits you can get by listening to music:

1. Improve visual and verbal skills
Early music education for children can stimulate children’s brains and lead to increased abilities in their verbal or spoken intelligence. This is supported by a study involving children aged 4-6 years who get a music practice for one month. The exercises include rhythm, tone, melody, sound, and basic musical concepts. The result is their ability to understand words and explain their meaning can increase. Another study conducted on children aged 8-11 found that those who took additional classes of extracurricular music could increase their oral IQ and visual abilities compared to those who did not attend any music classes. For adults, doing music exercises can keep the brain healthy with age. Any type of activity involving music can be a good cognitive exercise and make the brain sharper.

2. Reduces blood pressure
By listening to soft music recordings every morning and night, people with high blood pressure can control themselves to lower their blood pressure. According to research mentioned at the meeting of the American Society of Hypertension in New Orleans, listening to classical music for 30 minutes, Celtic music every day can reduce high blood pressure significantly. For those of you who want to start a running sport, you can start to exercise by listening to music. Listening to music while running can make you run faster, increase sports motivation, and improve endurance. Even listening to music after exercise can restore your body’s stamina quickly.

3. Relieve stress
Research in 2011 from mental health social institutions shows, almost a third of people listen to music to encourage while working. And one in four people confess that they listen to music on the way to work to help cope with stress.

4. Increase endurance
Listening to certain music can actually help you run faster. A study at Brunel University, West London has shown that music can help improve endurance by 15 percent, boosting spirits and 1-2 percent energy efficiency.