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Eat Not Excessively and Relax, Listen to Jazz Music While Eating

Directions.Qibl.at – Eat while accompanied by music many people do at the restaurant. Pop, rock, jazz to classical music are played to make visitors comfortable. Apparently the latest study also revealed the music give good influence at the time of eating.

The latest study in the journal Appetite, shows that a person who eats while listening to certain types of music can affect the ability to enjoy a dish.

In this study, researchers gave participants chocolate and red peppers to eat. They were asked to listen to four different types of music such as jazz, hip hop, classical music and rock, in four different sessions. Then, the participants judged how much they liked the food they ate.

Chocolate fall into the category of ’emotional food’, people who eat it tend to reach it faster and more people who like it. Meanwhile, paprika fall into the category of ‘non emotional food’. However, the music did not show any significant impact on the taste of the peppers.

As reported in the Womens Health Magazine (24/02/2014), participants who eat chocolate, they feel more delicious when they listen to jazz. When they hear hip hop music they feel less enjoying the chocolate.

Why is jazz and hip-hop different? Jazz music tends to be quite soothing and peaceful and can put people in a quieter mood. For hip-hop music, tend to be more aggressive so people may lack focus to enjoy the food.

This difference affects eating habits. Because when people feel more calm and comfortable, tend to be more careful than when feeling more aggressive. The most felt when listening to jazz music. People will find it easier to appreciate the food and enjoy the taste of every bite.

Meanwhile, the study did not measure how much food the participants ate. However, previous research shows that when people take the time to really enjoy the food, then the portion of food will be controlled.

The conclusion of this research is if you will listen to music during dinner, be sure to listen to jazz music. This can help you not to overeat.

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